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RE: [microsound] Wind recording

-side topic of topic:
i really love the idea of the pyschogeography of the artic.  someday i will
get there myself to exprience the overwhelming solitude, the impressionistic
blindness of snowy expanse and the numbing neverending wind.  natural white
noise.  anyone know of any recordings including, revolving around or just
plain of artic wind? or the artic geographically for that matter


--I did a series of wind recordings for a net.art piece on the
psychogeography of San Francisco in 1998. The pieces were recorded on
Russian Hill; to get the sound *of* the wind, I placed the mic below a short
cement wall that separated the park from the street. The result was
successful, with the sound of the birds, the wind, and far-off traffic
recording quite well. My suggestion; try creating a barrier that then
diverts the wind *above* the microphone. best, tV

--the new media piece is here .. the audio tracks are quite buried --