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Re: [microsound] Wind recording

not recordings of arctic winds, but thomas koener's "nunatak gongamur" and
especially "permafrost" capture the desolation of the poles pretty well.

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> -side topic of topic:
> i really love the idea of the pyschogeography of the artic.  someday i
> get there myself to exprience the overwhelming solitude, the
> blindness of snowy expanse and the numbing neverending wind.  natural
> noise.  anyone know of any recordings including, revolving around or just
> plain of artic wind? or the artic geographically for that matter
> steven
> --I did a series of wind recordings for a net.art piece on the
> psychogeography of San Francisco in 1998. The pieces were recorded on
> Russian Hill; to get the sound *of* the wind, I placed the mic below a
> cement wall that separated the park from the street. The result was
> successful, with the sound of the birds, the wind, and far-off traffic
> recording quite well. My suggestion; try creating a barrier that then
> diverts the wind *above* the microphone. best, tV
> --the new media piece is here .. the audio tracks are quite buried --
> http://www.120seconds.com/templates/mediaModuleViewFrame.cfm?media_id=421
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