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Scarcelight Newsletter 09.01.2003 [ot]

Scarcelight Newsletter.
Scarcelight Recordings

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format: CD
label: Scarcelight Recordings

info about this release:
Ipsissima Vox....translated "the very voice" is the first Accelera Deck
full-length in over two years.  The music is a sonic tapestry woven into
flickering, contorted bursts of static and waves of caustic feedback.
Within 15 songs, and over the course of 52 minutes Adeck mines the
depths of beautiful noise that his previous albums have only hinted at.
These sublime and intoxicating textures are freed from the constraints
of rhythm, yet do not indulge in mere "exploration" of sound
for its own sake. Rather the songs, and they are indeed songs, unfold
revealing new layers and offering juxtapositions of noise/melody,
structure/chaos, organic/synthetic. This album is culled from over ten
years of home recordings, edited, compiled, re-edited and assembled into
an unsettling, yet engaging document of blistering guitar damage, and
fractured electronics.

info about Accelera Deck:
Accelera Deck is the recording name of one Chris Jeely, born in 1976,
living in Birmingham, Alabama, an unlikely place for an electronic
artist. He has been releasing music as Accelera Deck, Your Favorite
Horse, and September Plateau since 1997. His approach to writing music
has developed in relative isolation, encompassing over the years a wide
range of digital and electro-acoustic music. A quick listen to the
Accelera Deck catalog will reveal ambient guitar noise, acoustic folk
songs, and beat heavy abstraction, sometime within a single song. Chris'
erratic way of creating has been likened to a painter slashing a canvas,
then searching madly for tape to repair the mess. But what does it sound
like you ask ? Here are what a few others have said about the music;

 "...his instrumental work ranges from quiet and contemplative
atmospheres, spidery folk songs, to full on digital assaults of sound
residing comfortably  between Mego's binary opposition, My Bloody
Valentine's blistering sensuality, and the rural sadness of prewar delta
blues." (Piehead Records website)

 "...a massive glitchy, lathe-cut record that processes everything in
its path. The nine tracks here crackle like underused, arthritic
shoulder joints, rolling across a mattress in the hot mid-morning sun.
The sounds of actual instruments (even acoustic guitar songs, for heck's
sake) poke their nips up now and then" (Bryan Cowley, The Wire Jan 2003)

 "Hearing the gauzy grit of electro/acoustic composer Chris Jeely
(recording solo as Accelera Deck, and as Slinger with percussionist Brad
Davis), and then hearing he's from Birmingham, it's not inconceivable to
assume Birmingham, England. Jeely's compositions have a desolate,
introverted waft familiar to those versed in the melancholy
mechanization from Europe's isolated isle...[the songs sound like]
granular tone poems -- gray shifts of pixilated sonics, like smeared
Magic Eye paintings, revealing beauty with no set rhythm and unforced
patience." (Tony Ware, Creative Loafing)

 "Jeely continues to be an artist that refuses to be pigeonholed,
choosing instead to follow his own path with the hope that at least a
few listeners will be able to keep up with him." "...hypnotic,
mesmerizing, and has a sense of depth and emotion that many
"electronica" artists could barely dream of achieving." (Greg Clow,
Feedback Monitor)

Scarcelight Recordings

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(slr02) HEARSE. Dead On Audio. 3=94CDR
A no-fi destroyed bliss masterpiece. Created 06-07.2001, edited 06.2003
2 tracks, 20 minutes of dead on audio. Two specially prepared cdr's
played together on different stereos and captured with $10 microphones.
We like to call it beauty on a budget, perhaps you will agree? While the
material presented here is hectic and disorienting, there is a sublime
beauty lurking beneath the random configurations. The immediacy of the
sounds, and the feeling of standing in the room as the music unfolds,
lends a depth to this collection of a sonorous soundscapes.

(slr03) SLINGER. F is for Flame-thrower. CDR
Collects a live recording from the Eyedrum, Atlanta, Ga, the (16:41:26)
mp3=92s [released as Scarcelight catalog number (slr07) ] + brand new
studio creations. The live track presented here begins with a shuddering
trap of a snare, and microphone feedback; over the course of 20 minutes
a ragged deconstruction of rhythm ensues. The quietness of the venue,
the occasional rustling of a chair or someone clearing the throat all
become part of the material. A breathing, moving formless mass that
hangs heavy in the air. All the sounds on this disc were created by
drummer Brad Davis (also a member of the =93rock & yell=94 trio =91Plate =
improvising on a small 3 piece drum kit, an assortment of cracked
cymbals, & even a helium tank! The drum kit was mic-ed and the signal
fed to Chris Jeely's (aka Accelera Deck) computer where it was
manipulated and rebroadcast over the PA. The new songs and the
(16:41:26) tracks build hypnotically on subtle textures, others roar
ahead with ferocity. Slinger has unknowingly invented the genre of drum
and damage.

(slr11) ACCELERA DECK. Lulluxa. 3=94CDR
20 minutes of impossible clicks, drones and brick in the mouth guitar
ambience. This recording was originally sold at shows played on the East
Coast back in early April 2003.  Lulluxa is the first single to the
album =93Ipsissima Vox=94

(slr13) VRM. Fell. 3=94CDR
A story so bizarre it cannot be fiction, audio so disturbing in its
unreality, one can't help but ask...is this for real? Yes, painfully
real. As this material was being mastered at the Scarcelight Studio, a
remark was made to the effect that the music was confusing, and made one
want to tear the skin off themselves. We knew we had a hit!

MP3 downloads

(slr06) ANDEREGG. 90,000 mp3
(slr08) SPRAGGADAT & PIRRE. Elsewhere and Otherwise. mp3
(slr09) KUGEL. Self Label. mp3

the launch of 'LTSO' leave this session open,  an open ended series of
additional mp3's associated with hardcopy releases
          ;  http://scarcelight.com/slr/slr04/slr04_a.mp3

(slr05) Slur Online.html : Interview with Desormais, copyleft index and
profile on graphic artist D.Hickox

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Live Action
  accelera deck

 09.02.2003 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @ The Barehands Gallery
                with: R_Garcia, Mic Mell, DJ Polygon Panties

 09.11.2003 - ORLANDO, FL @ AKA Lounge
                with: L'usine, R_Garcia, Mike Mell, DJ Polygon Panties,
DJ Queso

09.22.2003 - WASHINGTON, DC @ The Black Cat
                with: EBSK, Donna Summer

09.23.2003 - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Silk City
                with: Scott Allison, Fidget

09.26.2003 - BIRMINGHAM, AL @ Cave 9
                with: Slinger, The Thousandth Man

more dates TBA, stay tuned

4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4. 4.
4th coming

EBSK - Secret Highways 3"CDR, (just in time for fall tour. stay tuned
for dates)
Birchville Cat Motel - title TBA. CD (new zealand legend pulls out all
the stops)
Evol - title TBA. CD (mego minimalist noise pranksters new bred sounds,
simply beautiful)