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Re: [microsound] Re: dumb sources - smart music

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If you listen to John Coltrane's music you get a feel for this paradox.
When you hear his music you are improbably transported to a place where
the modern and primitive(primal) exist both at once(this is the same
thing I hear in Xenakis' music).  For Coltrane, was it a predetermined
outcome??  did he intellectualize his evolution??  The quotes I've read
seem like he was aiming towards something larger than the scope of what
he'd been hearing, either in his own playing, or the sound of his
conemporaries.  He mentions having a whole "bag of things" that he can't
separate so he plays them all at the same time in an attempt to get to
"one essential".   As an abstract music composer, I'm always searching
for sounds that have the most emotional, or "gestural" impact, but based
on what criteria?  Personally, the intuitive process is most useful,
though definitely inconsistent at times.  

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