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Re: [microsound] sound-psychology (was: Re: [microsound] tech q's)

Of interest, there's a certain Prof. over at Harvard Psych who is looking at
using music -- specifically ambient and microsound -- to attempt to calm
"ADD" kids. I was a little shocked to learn that the standard practice was
still to tie these kids down, "19th Century style" (what in fact remains
21C, unforunately). Also amazing how little American psych knows of Felix
Guattari's work @ La Borde clinic -- I guess this is the consequence of
refusing to acknowledge the link between the constructed category of "mental
illness" and the politics of the body, internment, consciousness, i.e. power
and so forth. Good to see some inquisitive changes, however. Suggestions so
far have been to create a classic chill-out room in Harvard, so if this
actually comes to fruition, I'll let the list know -- kind of fascinating.

> I'd be curious to see the effect of several categories of "microsound" - on
> attention deficit...so called "attention deficit" I should say - as a mode of
> music therapy in general.  Might cost little if you find a legal facility.
> Also
> as a performance enhancer for complex sorts of work, as you suggest.
> visa wrote:
>> One idea I have is to measure the effect of infra/ultrasounds on either
>> memory or concentration
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