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Re: [microsound] a variety of questions and comments

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> re: Stapleton 
> Stapleton uses a variety of sources, mostly acoustic. From the banjo,
> bazouki, home-made instruments ( see the phenomenal Soliloquy for Lilith) ,
> cow bells, and a variety of electronic instruments, Stapleton is quite open
> to using whatever it takes to make his music.

  and he still maintains that he owns no musical instruments at all. He 
apparently just books time in a studio whenever he gets an idea he wants to give 
form to.
  Soliloquy For Lilith , a beautiful, spooky drone record, was created from 
the accidental hum given off by about a dozen guitar pedals wired together, 
which he "played" by moving his hand over, theremin style !

"He who has rejected his demons badgers us to death with his angels"
Henri Michaux