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Re: [microsound] sony

>  I hope you don't mean that going through the creative process of making
>>  own language, your own sounds or ways to capture, manipulate and form them
>>  doesn't make you a snot-nosed purist... To go through this process is
>  > to achieve an individual identity (happens in all sorts of art).

snot-nosed purism means looking down on a different process than the 
one you describe above. it means devaluing a process which is perhaps 
creative in a different way. like a painter mixing his own paint and 
snubbing his nose at any painting that used any other approach. 
finding ones own voice creatively need not necessarily demand that 
one build ones own vocal chords from scratch... and believing this IS 
necessary is snot-nosed purism.

it was rampant in the whole high modernism thing...
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