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Re: [microsound] sony

On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 11:27:35AM -0600, devslashnull wrote:

> snot-nosed purism means looking down on a different process than the 
> one you describe above. it means devaluing a process which is perhaps 
> creative in a different way. like a painter mixing his own paint and 
> snubbing his nose at any painting that used any other approach. 

it looks like you're speaking tautologically when you ascribe the
nose-snubbing behavior to the artist in question axiomatically.  essentially
you're saying that "snobs is snobs".  i wouldn't debate that!

shoehorning this safe statement into a binary relationship ("snot-nosaed
purists" v adapatable tool users) is another matter, entirely:

> finding ones own voice creatively need not necessarily demand that 
> one build ones own vocal chords from scratch... and believing this IS 
> necessary is snot-nosed purism.

see, building one's own vocal cords from scratch necessarily dictates
nor proscribes nothing.  what if you just don't like the alternatives?
anecdotally, i still have a lot to learn about synthesis and modulation.
sometimes starting from scratch (with the most comfortable tools) works best
for me.  other times i like to have someone else's sound around to

c'mon, dev, it's a rhizome, not a tree ;)  there are other possibilities out

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