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Re: [microsound] sony / Gimmie a "politically correct" break

again, guys just laugh a little,, jeez

> > yeah. not sure how much i appreciate the "yenta" reference either. i
> > agree that it sparks valid discussion.
> for sure! a bit unnecessarily defensive there, eh, j.? sheesh!
> > perhaps we could initiate a microsound project which uses this
> > "Glitch Reference Standard" as the sole source and see for ourselves.

i have to say that it is expensive,, but i legally cant endose bootleging
it, and if it were uploaded into the microsound server for people to use i
will be forced to unsubscribe from the list to aviod any legal retribution
that would come my way.

> I like this idea. Might as well. Of course, do we actually purchase this
> bootleg it? how does the act of purchase add another layer to the "tool is
> the message", "sample is the intelligence" issue?

i have bought all of the Rapoon loops discs that SF has put out, not to use
in my music but because i collect his work,,, so my buying the discs has had
no effect on my work,,,,, but this is an interesting question....
> if you knew someone bought the disc, would that change your impression of
the music? does the artist's

> buying power dictate a piece's validity?
> or perhaps you just work, as you did with Twine, from the free samples
> online.
> or perhaps Sony/ACIDPlanet might endorse this for an official contest and
> release the results on CD. now that would be a hoot!
> -=t
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