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Re: [microsound] sony

From: "Phil Thomson" <hellomynameisphil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Let's try and get away from the discussion as to whether this is "good"
> or "bad" and talk a little more explicitly about what implications this
> will have for the genre of microsound. Up to now, microsound has been a
> relatively marginal cultural form, but more and more - and this is
> perhaps due just as much to Kim's CMJ article as to j.frede's loop CD's
> - microsound is emerging into the mainstream (both commercial and
> academic), and this to me means that it risks losing a lot of the
> critical edge it's maintained up till now.

hahaa.. i think it's still safe to say microsound is marginal... but i may
be a little biased here in western siberia (aka finland)... :)

        "ministry of sound: 2004 granular odyssey"?

maybe in the "big world" future music is already printing "how to make
microsound" articles and mego "hitclips" collection has hit the shelves...

(google found an article with and scary title:

        "super-glitzh's of the 00's"?

on the other hand, lately i've listened to a lot of early 90's drum'n'bass
and can't help but wonder how this music, the cutting-est edge music became
one of the most boring areas of dance music...  in 10 years time.
         "cafe de mar: ibiza lowercase"?

sorry about the sarcasm. but one thing the history of music has taught us:
all underground sounds will some day be overground. and then it's time for
the underground to re-invent itself.

(can't wait for somebody to commercialize merzbow in a way of black rebel
motorcycle club recycling jesus and mary chain... :)


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