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Re: [microsound] 12k = HAPPY

i dunno, i liked the "intelligent techno" treatment jpop/shibuya/etc got in
the mid to late nineties - the nav katze, buck tick and softballet cds were
all very pleasing, and that autechre remix of softballet's a monster.

i gather that "happy" will just be an outlet for interesting japanese
popmusics, but a little cultural imperialism and appropriation might pay off
nicely in the form of a 12k remix cd.  i can dream.

i know that this isn't a band/album discussion list, but i hope you'll
forgive me this one little tip - dill's _wyhiwyg_ is terribly expensive, as
most japanese cds are, but worth every single penny if you're of the click,
cut or pop (onomatopoeically speaking) persuasions.

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