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RE: [microsound] re: Mainstream, sampling cd's et al.

"safely on the fringe of things"=2E=2E=2Ethat's a frightening turn of phra=
especially since i thought you said that  "one should do what they do=20
because they do what they want to hear, and do it with the tools they=20
choose, and send the rest of 'em to hell=2E=2E=2E" so fringe or not doesn'=
matter, does it? besides, never underestimate the general public's=20
ability to be ensnared by something they perceive as "new" or "fresh"=20
even though it "isn't"=2E they don't have to know how to program in cSound=
to know the sound they want to hear, just like they don't have to know=20
how to use Auto-Tune to know they want to listen to britney=2E in theory, =
shouldn't matter if the next big deal is just rock music again (beatles,=20=

nirvana style) or if its clicking and popping=2E besides, isn't clicking a=
popping already the progRock style extension of the simplicity of early=20=

dance music? and we all know progRock had it's day in the sun=2E isn't=20
fennesz already the new EL&P? or maybe he's more moody blues=2E


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