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[microsound] re: Mainstream, sampling cd's et al=2E

Just as a stupid question:

How does what anyone else in the entire world does affect your ability=20
to make the music you want to do?  If the next 15 minutes of fame=20
belongs to glitch, well, why should you even care=2E  One should do what=20=

they do because they do what they want to hear, and do it with the tools=20=

they choose, and send the rest of 'em to hell=2E=2E=2E

Besides, honestly speaking=2E=2E=2E do you REALLY think that the brainless=
unwashed masses of this country are going to listen to any really heavy=20=

microsound stuff?  Much past the Bjork album, and I don't think they are=20=

going to be able to handle it (and most can't even handle it that far!) =20=

year old football players driving by in their daddy's cars listening to th=
latest max patch neurologicaly disturbed mutation of field recordings? =20=

The same people who hang around in the keyboard section playing=20
with automatic acidmachines trying to learn how to program Csound or=20
Supercollider?  Um=2E=2E=2E rest assured I think that you (I)(we) are safe=
ly on=20
the fringe of things for the next um, several decades or so=2E=2E=2E


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