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Re: [microsound] Art Brut

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Art Brut, well that=E2=80=99s a difficult topic to wrap your mind around. As=
have suggested, it does not have to do with self-education. It did have an=20
application in Surrealist ideology as a way to subvert the conscious mind, b=
Brut really does run deeper than that. A brut drawing does not have to be si=
it can be complicated, but there is something about a brut line instantly=20
recognizable as different from a non-brut line (look at the intricate detail=
s yet=20
brut line of Ron Rege Jr. in Skibber Bee Bye for an example). In music, ther=
has been a scattering of brut, botched, and clumsy sounds throughout the=20
ages, like Captain Beefheart=E2=80=99s Trout Mask Replica, Pavement=E2=80=
=99s Wowie Zowie, and=20
Deerhoof=E2=80=99s Reveille (forgive me for being such an indie kid=E2=80=

Brut is about human failure in a way, let=E2=80=99s not kid ourselves into t=
that brut-ness does not rely on being clumsy-handed looking, on the beauty o=
human expression falling apart.

Microsound, especially around the glitch end, has devoted alot of time to=20
failure. This is a bit different though because it is really human failure o=
n a=20
very abstract and alien level, inside the computer.

For a good microsoundy snapshot of human failure in music, I would suggest=20
microstoria=E2=80=99s model three, step two.

As usual though, brut is about putting on fake identitiesand exploring the=20
world around us, something that microsound with it=E2=80=99s focus on modern=
intricateness, and all around navel-gazing is terrible at.

I know I=E2=80=99ve expressed this terribly; if anyone has any deeper insigh=
t than=20
these scratches, please write.