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ars electronica.txt (?)

Organism mail-list request?

An idea came to my mind while I was reading the
catalogue of hacked  ?Ars Electronica?
If a fly alight on the monitor of the computer,
and if you move the cursor, will the fly be
disturbed from the changes of the surface (the
pixels)? Will it fly away?
If so, I think that could be used and for example
if you drip a few drops of honey in the screen of
the monitor that would attract the flies in the
room, you can kind of interact with disturbing
After that a sensor could be set up in the room
that checks their position and send data to
application in the computer that for example
could visualize flies movement. 
I think the interesting thing here is the
interaction and the connection of ?real? -
?virtual?. How you can influence some creature
behavior with just the cursor of the mouse that
moves on the computer screen, how what is
?behind? the screen interacts with what is in
front of it. - | - 

I will be happy if you have something to share
about that, experience, thoughts, and ideas?

Ivan Bachev
Boyadjik str. 2a
Yambol 8600
tel. ++ 359 46 259 04
email: navmemo@xxxxxxxxx
web: http://nml.cult.bg/~bachev

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