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Live Performance in Chicago, 6 Sept. 03

Apologies for the x-post...

Stasisfield.com founder John Kannenberg will be performing a solo 
laptop set tomorrow night at Myopic Bookstore in Wicker Park, Chicago 
as part of the Around The Coyote arts festival.

The lineup includes:

In Potentia
  featuring Bruce Collet
  & Robert Kudrle

Bill MacKay and Guests,
  featuring Bill Mackay - guitar
  Kurt Iselt - reeds
  Jason Ajemian - bass
  Charles Rumback - drums

Solo Electronic Performances by
  John Kannenberg & Koutaro Fukui

Saturday, September 6th - 7:30
1564 N Milwaukee Avenue
[ http://www.myopicbookstore.com ]

Hope to see you there. Thanks for listening.



john kannenberg

[ http://www.stasisfield.com ]

[ http://www.whistlingpariah.com ]