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[ot] show in detroit...

mommy wont wake up
volente o nolente
hive mind

1o pm
friday, september 5, 2oo3
detroit art space
1o1 east baltimore
detroit, mi

panicsville... (chicago) costumed noise crusaders fresh off their split lp
"stabbed in the face" w/wolf eyes & the new imperfection of the organism" lp

mommy wont wake up... (grrrrr?) the tattler claims they have broken up and
reformed (deformed?) just especially for this show

volente o nolente... (nuova italia) italiano good ol' boys makin' that come
to render deliverance (that's what happens when you use online machine
translators to get english from faux-italian press info; volente o nolente
are marcire cervello & paolo nervy...
(mp3 from the 'disartria' 3" which will be on sale tonight at the

hive mind... (ann arbor) grey emerges from swellsville long enuff to summon
forth the first live incarnation of this project, which is likely to be more
analog-synth style worship at the alter of "power electronics"...

http://www.existentialista.com/~uforika/ (mp3s)
http://white-rose.net/sounds.html (discography/real media)
http://white-rose.net/shows.shtml (recent & upcoming shows)