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Re: [microsound] DROPLIFT PROJECT

now that I can get my head around this, I like it more and more....it is much
more varied, ongoing, and has a greater trajectory of random events! and

nice idea Kim et al

Kim Cascone wrote:

> Today, digital content is predominantly distributed and consumed via the
> Internet. We are barraged with web audio, QuickTime movies, interstitial
> ads, banner ads, pop-up ads, html spam, and clever Flash pages while we
> travel from page to page. We typically request none of this extra content.
> In a manner of speaking, we are victims of droplifting when subjected to the
> tsunami of unsolicited information. Fellow list member Tobias van Veen once
> made the point that the general laisser-faire attitude towards file trading
> may be a result of our constant exposure to free content, i.e., advertising.
> We learn to consider content as being 'free' because we are forced to
> consume it whether we want to or not.
> What does this have to do with droplifting? Droplifting is an anarchic form
> of distribution that leverages traditional methods of moving content yet
> establishes a direct connection between the artist and consumer.
> The object enters their world as a gift, a surprise; as an object without a
> predetermined value. However, as the receiver begins to explore the object
> they build a personalized value: interesting artifact, disposable garbage,
> art curio, or inspirational device. It arrives _unexpected_ and this is
> perhaps the most important part of the equation. When the frame of
> exchange-value is removed from the object it is allowed to float, unattached
> to any system, free to become whatever the new owner thinks it should be:
> chimera, gift, or mistake. The object becomes a mirror for the owners
> psyche. The feelings that are triggered provide a context with which the
> piece is discovered and explored.
> This project will be conducted in the following manner:
> List members will upload music, visuals, text into the appropriate folders
> on the hotline serverSyou may upload whatever you like so long as it has
> something to do with the theme of droplifting and microsoundSonce all the
> folders start to get filled with content (there is no threshold set as to
> when people can start downloadingSit's up to the individual) any list member
> can start downloading content they think would make for an interesting
> droplift object and burn it to CDRSthe final object can be an audio CD,
> CDROM, DVD, Hybrid CD, etcSpeople can also make and upload CD covers and
> artwork to be used for printing outSof course listing the content on the
> cover depends on what is ultimately contained on the CDRS
> the next step is to burn multiple copies (5+) and clandestinely distribute
> them by droplifting them into unexpected contextsShere are some ideas as to
> where to drop them:
> - in CD racks at your local CD shop
> - into books or magazines at a book store or library
> - into AOL CDROM packages (slice open and reseal)
> - into peoples mailboxes
> - in coworkers desks at work
> - on a table at a restaurant after leaving
> - into mailboxes in a random apartment building
> - mail inboxes of a friends company
> that1s pretty much itSthe project is intentionally left open to drift and
> float along at its own speed and trajectoryS
> ======================================================
> I will assigning hotline accounts until Tuesday the 9th! after that I will
> not be able to assign any hotline accounts until end of October! ask me NOW
> ======================================================
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