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Re: [microsound] new on retinascan - from the realms of microsound...

-before it goes by unnoticed:

I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate Burkhard and say
how impressed I am with his work on the retinascan label . I read somewhere
that seeing a project through from beginning to completion is the artistic
equivalent of upper body strength. If that is true then Burkhard has been
pumping some serious artistic iron.

 It's so good to have an idea and think: I like it yet noone would release
it in this form , it'd be edited or toned down , the wild parts taken out;
and find it accepted , the artwork on target, the representation accurate.

 If the future of music lies anywhere in particular I think it's in this
kind of vision and courage , dedication , especially with modest resources.

on 9/5/03 7:27 AM, Store at store@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> various - directions in american noise 4 CD box - retinascan 26
> containing:
> winter carousel - letter to the entomological society of antarctica
> (http://www.insectdeli.com)
> jon.dus - alone in here (http://www.endangeredkolectiv.net)
> omnid - mirex
> bill jarboe - funny_bunny 2000
> to be ordered here: http://www.retinascan.de