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seaonal NYC / 11 + 18 september

hi everyone
just a quick update on two seasonal evenings happening this and next week .
applogies for the multiple posts , it has been an exciting month thus far .

  to recieve seaonal series information and updates , please email 
info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for inclusion on the mailing list .
thanks and best wishes  >>>

september 11 2003     10 pm    $6    The Tank   432 west 42nd st btwn 9th 
and 10th aves.
  dion workman + julien ottavi   ( sigma editions , antiopic )
  luxury estates
  b owen  ( broadcastatic )
  mpld    (broklyn beats , micro )

september 18    2003    9pm       $6    office ops   57 thames st   brooklyn 
An evening of movement and collaborations with live sound processing, dance, 
and light projections.
  Camille Dieterle with Ian Epps (Soft l), Stephanie Tack, Chase 
Granoff, and Chris Jordan (Bunker)
   Tony Eaton
   Daniel Givens (aesthetics) with Mantana Roberts, Monstah Black
   Mike Murphy (Broadcastatic, Broken Beat Lounge).

artist info :
11 september
Julien Ottavi is a computer music composer based in Nantes, France.
Drawing on the traditions of musique concrète and contemporary ?noise?
music Ottavi creates intense and dynamic sound worlds that challenge the
aesthetic niceties of much contemporary electronic music. Aside from his
solo work Ottavi  regularly collaborates on projects with Keith Rowe,
Jérôme Noetinger, Erik M, Christophe Harvard and others. Ottavi?s debut
solo CD Nervure Magnètique was released in August 2003 on Sigma Editions.

Dion Workman is a New York based composer of experimental electronic
music. For the past decade Workman has been creating highly complex and
detailed compositions that explore the very outer fringes of music and
audible phenomena. Workman?s latest release Ching (Antiopic, 2003) has
been described as ?an exemplar of aggressive digital minimalism? and was
awarded the 2003 Max Brand Prize for innovation in electronic and
electro-acoustic music.

Ben Owen works with slide film manipulations and experimental sound.  his 
collaborations can be found with ting ting jahe and radio broadcasts on 
free103.9 and broadcastatic.

18 september
Camille Dieterle, from Atlanta, Georgia, has danced with the Erica Essner 
Performance Co-Op, Noemie LaFrance and Sens Productions, Several Dancers 
Core, Beacon Dance, Coriolis Dance Project, and Estrofest Productions.  In 
2002 in Atlanta she co-founded The Nerve Series, an annual curated dance 
festival designed for new and emerging choreographers.  In 1999 in Athens, 
Georgia, after earning a BA in English Literature from the University of 
Georgia, Camille co-founded Verge Modern Dance, a performance company 
emphasizing dance improvisation and collaboration with other disciplines.  
In addition to venues in Atlanta and Athens, Camille's choreography has most 
recently been shown at the 2002 d.u.m.b.o dance festival in Brooklyn.

Chris Jordan is a visualist creating interactive projection
installations in a multitude of environments. His work creates dialogues
through the use of imagery and interfaces ranging from trippy to
meditative, with a tremendous degree interaction.

Ian Epps is interested in treating sound as units, much like
building blocks. These blocks become pieces of information that
synthesize space. Each block has a voice and sings, but together
sounds out the warmth and infinitely complex nature of a composed

Mike Murphy on  turntable, ipod, mixer, and kaos pad for a live dub 


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