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new to .microsound

Hello folks.
I've joined yesterday this list.
I'm a sound engineer, live  in Italy, most of my job concern TV broadcasting 
and production.
I teach sound synthesis @ SAE college and one of my principal interest is 
plugins and stand-alone apps (freeware) development in Max environment for 
Apple PPC.
I'have a sound project called Tobor Experiment wich is devoted to 
microsound, glitch and musique concrete. I have also helped some artists 
with my software (Teradélie).
I'm involved with post-digital music since year 2000, my preferred device is 
my Titanium laptop.
I like sound design, I record my samples with HI-End broadcast field 
recording equipment, such as Neumann shotguns, Shure Broadcast mixer and 
Tascam R-DAT (and FAIRMAN TRC).
I'm interested in exchange of thougths, ideas, freeware software and patches 
and learn people's point of view regarding technological music and its 

Thanks for your attention.

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