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Electrons libres PowerPlay+Future Mix

Hello everybody all the Muuutant's in space world !!!

ACT 8--------------------VERSET
-----------------------------------"White, A tribute pour la superbe
new(litt=E9rature) de Marie Darrieussecq" ---------------
1-Frederic Nogray:Panotii(N-rec)
        -Album "Panotii"
2-Tim Hecker: (They call me) Jimmy(Mille plateaux)
        -Album "Radio Amor"
3-Contour:Reoccurring(Karate Joe rec)
        -Album "Horizons"
4-Gel:Du haut d'un terril Elise a le vertige loursqu'elle pense =E0 ton j=
petit cul(Plop rec)
        -Album "Dolce"
        -Album "09..03"
6-Le Rok:Knack(Karaoke Kalk, La baleine)
        -Album "Hausarbeiten"
7-The Gasman:Pyloric(Planet Mu, La baleine)
        -Album "Remedial"
8-Eik Satin:Follow me to San Jose(Rather Interesting 052)
        -Album "Light Music"
9-ECC/DJ Pantshead:GTA(from the Electronic Control Comitee Website)
10-Secret Mommy:Drop Shadow(Orth rec)
11-V/VM:It's a RichJAMs world(V/VM records)
        -"helpAphexTwin4.0...we don't care because you don't give a fuck"=

12-Lullatone:Music for Apartment(Observatory Online Weblabel)

            FUTURE (re)MIX POWERPLAY 08/09/03

Intro:Column One(90% Wasser)
1-Jirku/Judge:Klinker(Onitor,La Baleine)
        -Album "Plurism"
2-Akufen:Wet Floors(Force-Inc)
        -Album "My Way"
3-Manitoba:If Assholes could fly this place would be an airport(Leaf,
4-Greens Keepers:Sould I sing like this(Classic) + SpaceMonkeys:Lil Dub
        -From I-Wolf mix
5-ReadyMade FC:F me(Pt2-F.com)
        -Compil "Own 03:Nature"
6-Chris Korda:Grindlock(Gigolo)
        -Album "the man of the future"
7-Radioactive Man:Airlock(Rotters Golf Club)
        -Album "Booby drap"
8-U-Ziq:Grape nut beats 01(Planet Mu)
        -Album "Bilious paths"
9-The Brown Rapper:Back in Black EP(Inflatabl)
10-Jaylib:Sex Freaks feat Quasimoto(Stones Throw)
11-Matmos:For the trees(Matador,PIAS)
        -Album "the civil War"
12-A rocket In Dub:Rocket 08(Italic)
        -Album "If music could talk"
13-Jake Fairley:Exploder(Sender,la Baleine)

Happyness all and "see the sun..."

Radio B=E9ton 93.6/electrons libres tt les dimanches 17h-18h
                            Future Mix/Lundi 13h-15h30
90 avenue Maginot
37100 Tours