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[promo] New from Aesova: Norbert Moslang - Distilled 3" CD

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Norbert Moslang was, until recently, one half of the now defunct Swiss =
duo Voice Crack. 'Distilled' was constructed in the studio, using a live =
solo performance of "cracked everyday electronics" by the composer =
himself as its source material. In the studio, Moslang allowed the =
computer to "make calculations with two pieces" of the original =
performance. "If I liked it, I worked further on it, if I didn't like it =
I threw it away." The resulting composition - a distillation of the =
orginal recording into something new - moves tiny granular packets of =
sound throughout the audible frequency range and the stereo spectrum, =
drawing the listener into an artificial environment where sounds replace =
light as the dominant sensory input. 'Distilled', a remarkable departure =
from the "known Voice Crack sound", is an engaging and rewarding =
listening experience that, at just twenty minutes, fades away long =
before overstaying its welcome.