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i'm a little late in the game, but

bernard parmegiani's _la creation du monde_ is really incredible stuff.

i'd call it concrete, but i think standard practice among concrete composers
was to catalogue the sound sources and, in most cases, leave them relatively
intact (concrete's more populist little brother, "plunderphonics", has a
similar "rule".  these are two, notable instances to which mccluhan's
infamously overused "the medium is the massage" mantra actually does apply).

i wouldn't call it "electro-acoustic" a la xenakis or stockhausen, because
it's too - forgive the "verbing", a practice held over from Economies and
Medias New -  collaged ("concretey", if i've been drinking).

i haven't been motivated to hear anything else, but newer autechre's
beginning to make more sense to me, now.

more like this, please.

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