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Re: [microsound] i'm a little late in the game, but

Hi Scott

John Oswald, a Toronto musician and composer, invented the term and applied it
to his work using several small samples from pop artists in his cut and paste
compositions.  Plundering pop catalogues for source sounds.  They're terrific
and he was doing it as far back as the 70s with Led Zeppelin and the Doors and
using tape splicing.  Anyway, he ran into some litigation trouble from Michael
Jackson's people but some of his stuff is available.  Others have also used
this form to great effect, of course.


All the best,

scott allison wrote:

> "plunderphonics"
> could someone explain this concept, I have come across the term before, but
> really never understood exactly what it means.
> Thanks
> Scott Allison
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