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OT: Brian Eno article on the problematic nature of electronics


Hey all,

Last year online I read an article, I want to say at wired.com, written by
Brian Eno about the problematic nature of technology/electronics. The gist
of the article was Eno's thought that due to electronic music's
increasingly nebulous nature, where parameters, controls, possibilities
etc grow at an exponential rate, the artist can never master his
instrument. too many things to 'play with' I don't remember his
conclusion, and would like to read it again and present it for a class I
am taking. I searched wired.com and google and couldn't seem to find it.
I'm sorry I can't be more specific about the article, but if anyone
happens to know the piece I mean, and has a URL they could send, I would
be most appreciative.


Nate Harrison