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RE: [microsound] OT: Brian Eno article on the problematic nature of electronics

Last time I checked, the first such article was "A la limite du pays
fertile", written by Pierre Boulez in 1955, and published in the first =
of Die Reihe.  You may want to read this one instead.


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> problematic nature of electronics
> Hey all,
> Last year online I read an article, I want to say at=20
> wired.com, written by Brian Eno about the problematic nature=20
> of technology/electronics. The gist of the article was Eno's=20
> thought that due to electronic music's increasingly nebulous=20
> nature, where parameters, controls, possibilities etc grow at=20
> an exponential rate, the artist can never master his=20
> instrument. too many things to 'play with' I don't remember=20
> his conclusion, and would like to read it again and present=20
> it for a class I am taking. I searched wired.com and google=20
> and couldn't seem to find it. I'm sorry I can't be more=20
> specific about the article, but if anyone happens to know the=20
> piece I mean, and has a URL they could send, I would be most=20
> appreciative.
> thanks
> N.
> Nate Harrison
> www.nkhstudio.com
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