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blogging Next 5 -- tri.phonic ME --

1. Next Five Minutes blog ..


On the spot blogs from de Balie, Amsterdam with wireless in the building.
Pics up tomorrow -- I forgot the cable to my camera.

The comments are rough and critical at points, & impressionistic ..

2. tri.phonic ME on Sunday

For those in Amsterdam, Sunday 2pm will also see a tri.phonic ME (Mobile
Edition), with Derek Holzer, Kristina Andersen, MVK + whomever else would
like to plug-in to join us in a microsound / experimental audio jam ..
here's the blurb:

-- tri.phonic ME (Mobile Edition) --
Sunday 15h - 16h, Salon, de Balie

"A spontaneous & open 'audio-jam' for field recording / audio-artists. Bring
your own laptop or audio-device, and *quietly* join in for a temporary
microsound zone."

3. Steim talk on Monday.

And a self-plug: I'm doing a talk / performance Monday evening at Steim,



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