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shinkoyo showcase sunday, sept 14th - emptybottle

sunday, september 14th
empty bottle
1035 n. western ave.
chicago, il.
ph: 773.276.3600

shinkoyo showcase
      an evening of continuous performance art + music:

doron sadja [12k]
   (analog micro-house)
zeljko mcmullen 
   (strings + organic textural noise)
   (inoffensive pop music and digital explosions)
   (voice + chamber metal)
leather boys choir [peter b./s. martinez/a. lowe/c. garhart/j. nation]
   (voice + ambrazier/ambient fire) 

9 pm


SHINKOYO is a cooperative of artists working together to create a web of 
intertwined and often interrelated individual and collaborative projects or 
products pertaining to conceptual/visual/performance/installation art + music. 
Much of the work that Shinkoyo represents either prescribes or describes artistic 
interactions with the electronic. A set of one-minute cassette loops, a score for 
electronic theater, VHS tapes of circuit-bent video cameras: Shinkoyo could 
easily feature any of these.