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Re: [microsound] Echolocation calls from bats

Do you have a special bat sound recorder for capturing these high
frequencys? What kind of bats were it you were recording in Utah?

Sounds great with the bat performance!

/Björn Eriksson

P.S. Just dicovered I had mispelled the word echolocation...

> im doing a performance her in los angeles using recordings of bats i made
> utah a couple of months back.... really amazing sounds
> j.frede
> LIsten to these bat's echolation sounds - I think they have a pretty cool
> microsound approach! http://www.batcon.org/discover/echo.html  (though we
> can't here it if not transposed)
> Some general info on echolation at
> http://www.batcon.org/batsmag/v9n2-3.html
> /Björn Eriksson