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[microsound] [OT] Johnny Cash / John Ritter: A Closer Link

Belated FYI....

Johnny Cash At The Town Hall Party, 1958 (Bear Family, dvd)

A television show from southern California from the late 50s
which Tex Ritter was involved with the production.  After Tex Ritter
died in 1973, the property was inherited by his sons, John and Tom =
who have licensed the program to Bear Family for distribution.


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on 9/12/03 1:50 PM, Josh Davison at asterprox@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Not to ignore the fact that Johnny Cash was a total freakin genius and
> an all around swell guy, but I think John Ritter was pretty durn
> underrated, even as a sitcom actor.  He was also great in Sling Blade.
> RIP all the Johns

IMHO John Ritter was one of the greatest physical comedians EVER!


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