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Woodstockhausen, Sept 27

"Until I die there will be sounds.
  And they will continue following after my death.
  One need not fear about the future of music."
           -John Cage-


We're happy to announce our upcoming event:

   Woodstockhausen 2003
   Saturday, September 27, 5:00pm
   Music Recital Hall, University of California Santa Cruz
   $10 sliding scale at the door

For more details see our web page at http://www.woodstockhausen.org

Woodstockhausen is an annual showcase for acoustic innovators and 
practitioners of visual art whose work falls well outside the pin prick of 
popular culture. The concert includes live and recorded music, live video, 
sound art installations, and more.

This year's concert will include over 50 performances from both local and 
visiting artists. Featured compositions include new works conceived and 
rendered on custom electronics and software-based instruments, often 
invented by the artists themselves, as well as abstract performances for 
more traditional instrumentation. As an additional bridge between academia 
and the experimental scene, the festival will open with a New Music Works 
Ensemble performance of a work by the student composer winner the Sound 
Horizons ELSA Prize (still to be determined).

Animated video art courtesy of Tristram Visual will be projected throughout 
the evening, providing a captivating visual component to all of the 

Tickets for the festival are on a $10 sliding scale, available at the door 
on the night of the show. Please make sure to eat an early dinner and bring 
snacks for consumption outside the hall during intermissions, as we start 
earlier than usual this year.

To kick off the festival and also provide a free preview of what 
Woodstockhausen is all about, there will be a special reception and tape 
music concert, 'T-Minus 2', at the Cayuga Vault on Thursday, September 25th 
at 7 PM. Recorded works will be played, snacks will be served and the 
public will get a chance to meet some of the artists and creative minds 
that make up this year's festival.

Woodstockhausen is brought to you by the volunteer contributions of time, 
enthusiasm, and expertise from many private individuals. Our sponsors 
include ELSA Productions and the University of California, Santa Cruz.

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings.
  There is music in the spacing of the spheres."

  S. Wayne Jackson                  "Only those who attempt the absurd
  wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx               will achieve the impossible.  I
  <www.darwinarts.com/~wayne/>       think it's in my basement... let
  <www.mp3.com/laterdays>            me go upstairs and check."
  (831)338-6320                                          ~M.C. Escher