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Re: [microsound] Woodstockhausen, Sept 27

does anyone know where a list of the performers are that are playing at this
event?? i cant seem to locate it on the site?


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> "Until I die there will be sounds.
>   And they will continue following after my death.
>   One need not fear about the future of music."
>            -John Cage-
> microsounders,
> We're happy to announce our upcoming event:
>    Woodstockhausen 2003
>    Saturday, September 27, 5:00pm
>    Music Recital Hall, University of California Santa Cruz
>    $10 sliding scale at the door
> For more details see our web page at http://www.woodstockhausen.org
> Woodstockhausen is an annual showcase for acoustic innovators and
> practitioners of visual art whose work falls well outside the pin prick of
> popular culture. The concert includes live and recorded music, live video,
> sound art installations, and more.
> This year's concert will include over 50 performances from both local and
> visiting artists. Featured compositions include new works conceived and
> rendered on custom electronics and software-based instruments, often
> invented by the artists themselves, as well as abstract performances for
> more traditional instrumentation. As an additional bridge between academia
> and the experimental scene, the festival will open with a New Music Works
> Ensemble performance of a work by the student composer winner the Sound
> Horizons ELSA Prize (still to be determined).
> Animated video art courtesy of Tristram Visual will be projected
> the evening, providing a captivating visual component to all of the
> performances.
> Tickets for the festival are on a $10 sliding scale, available at the door
> on the night of the show. Please make sure to eat an early dinner and
> snacks for consumption outside the hall during intermissions, as we start
> earlier than usual this year.
> To kick off the festival and also provide a free preview of what
> Woodstockhausen is all about, there will be a special reception and tape
> music concert, 'T-Minus 2', at the Cayuga Vault on Thursday, September
> at 7 PM. Recorded works will be played, snacks will be served and the
> public will get a chance to meet some of the artists and creative minds
> that make up this year's festival.
> Woodstockhausen is brought to you by the volunteer contributions of time,
> enthusiasm, and expertise from many private individuals. Our sponsors
> include ELSA Productions and the University of California, Santa Cruz.
> "There is geometry in the humming of the strings.
>   There is music in the spacing of the spheres."
>            -Pythagoras-
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