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FW: Frank Lowe passes on

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FW: Frank Lowe passes on----------
De : "Heather/Laurence Donohue-Greene"=20
Date : Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:36:47 -0400
Objet : Frank Lowe passes on

Frank Lowe, who had been ill for sometime, was taken from the hospital =
by his family last week to spend his last days at home. The unheralded =
tenor saxophonist - who played with Alice Coltrane, Rashied Ali, Sun Ra, =
Don Cherry, Joseph Jarman, Billy Bang, Joe McPhee, the Saxemble group, =
and many others - passed away this past Friday (9/19). A wonderful =
musician and a giving person, his spirit lives on in those he touched =
musically and otherwise, and he will sorely be missed from the New York =
jazz community and the music community at large.


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