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Re: [microsound] intentionalistic debate...


I'd love to read that essay, but unfortunately I cannot make it until 
next Wednesday, since I'm fully preoccupied with an essay I have to 
hand in for my University Course. I'm studying English Literature with 
a special interest in Literary Theory.

Bst, Christian

Am Dienstag, 23.09.03, um 21:34 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb visa:

> Okay,
> the essay I was writing about the debate over the relevance of artist's
> intentions to the interpretation of their work is nearing completion. I
> would appreciate it if some listmembers would care to read it through 
> and
> perhaps give some feedback.
> The body of the text is divided to two parts. In the first one I take a
> general look at the discussion and its key arguments, starting from 
> late
> 40's with the influential article 'The Intentional Fallacy'. In the 
> second
> part the issue is narrowed down to reflection between two views,
> hypothetical intentionalism and (modest) actual intentionalism.
> There are still some things I'm going to add, and it requires quite a 
> lot of
> polishing, but it's prefectly readable already. If you're interested in
> taking a look, mail me and I'll send the document for you.
>              thanks,
>           .: visa tapani
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