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Re: [microsound] Program for Woodstockhausen

on 9/24/03 10:56 PM,so what if Wayne Jackson at wayne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Autotrophic Manifestations 3 (excerpt)

Later Days
Life has an anti-entropic ability to exploit the most minimal and exotic of
energy gradients.=A0 This granular synthesis composition for artificial life
demonstrates the principle in sound.=A0 Each grain in the piece (there are
many millions of them) represents the lifecycle of a virtual being fighting
to survive and reproduce in an austere conceptual world.=A0 The code used to
generate this piece was loosely based on the =B3p=B2 project proposed by Kim
Cascone at microsound.org.

                        ( end quote)

 boo boo 'represents'

  change it to 'is' you big wuss.

  really liked the code for the =BC contribution.what's the "p" project? does
that mean we have to get together and "p" on something?

    i don't know you and i'm straight

 (sorry for not cross-posting)