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[PROSONIQ NEWS]: Audio Morphing PlugIn Now Available

   PROSONIQ morph - Real-Time Audio Morphing Plugin

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to seemlessly morph from one
sound to another? To create those stunning effects when an object slowly
changes its shape to become another object, but only for sounds?
Remember how much fun it was creating new faces from photographs of your
friends, trying to get a glimpse of how children may look like from the
faces of the parents? Now you can do the same with your favourite
sounds! PROSONIQ morph is the world's first realtime audio morphing plug
in for your preferred platform. The same people who developed the first
automatic audio morphing software for the Atari ST in 1983 and for the
Macintosh and the SGI in 1993 are now releasing PROSONIQ morph as
world's first audio morphing software running in real time on your
favorite host application. But that's not all: remember how difficult it
sometimes was matching the individual features of the input pictures to
get a good image morph? PROSONIQ morph does it all for you. Based on the
same cutting-edge technology employed in all of Prosoniq's products,
PROSONIQ morph recognizes important features in your sounds and
automatically matches them to create a musically pleasing result.
Whether you wish to create vocal lines impossible to be sung by a human,
whether you are looking for new ways to create overwhelming sound
effects from existing sounds or new instruments that do not exist in the
physical world, PROSONIQ morph makes it all possible without the nasty
artifacts of traditional signal processing. Where traditional methods
end, PROSONIQ morph adds a new and unique dimension for sound design to
your canvas of creative tools.


Audio Morphing Plugin that creates seamless sound morphs between two
different input sounds. Includes highly intuitive 2D control to
dynamically morph between input sounds, fully 32bit floating point
operation in real time°, SOLO functionality, high quality Reverb,
parameters fully automatable and morphing parameter controllable via
MIDI by an assignable MIDI controller °°.

   Example applications:

* High quality sound morph effects with unbeatable fidelity and intelligibility
* Morphing transitions when mixing different tracks (seamless mixing for DJs)
* Creation of new and unheard instruments
* subtle shaping of existing sounds in certain directions
* creation of mouth-tube effects or speaking instruments
* alien sound textures - good for movie soundtrack production
* unusual effects by applying reversed drum loops to forward drum loops
* create new drum loops by morphing existing ones

   Minimum System Requirements:

G3 or G4 processor running at 400 MHz or better, MacOS 9.2 or
later, MacOS X 10.2 or later, 32 MB of free RAM, VST compatible
host application.

   More Information:

Purchase online: https://www.softwarehouse.biz/cgi-bin/product/P12937
Demo version: http://www.prosoniq.com/html/demos.html
Audio files: http://www.prosoniq.com/html/morphaudioex.html

°) please see minimum system requirements
°°) Host software needs to support MIDI

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