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Re: [microsound] Re Positionality (re)positioned

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 04:32:13PM +1000, Ian Andrews wrote:

> Is it possible for a performer to improvise while at the same time
> initiating processes prone to the generation of error, from within the
> sealed of space of the laptop?  If so how does the element of failure make
> itself known to the audience?

i saw the evolution control committee and his ("their") malfunctioning
thimbletron last night.  mind you, there's a whiff of schroedinger in this - it
vacillated between good sportsmanship in the face of unexpected technical
difficulties and engaging, wellk-rehearsed theatre.  i'm content with either one, but in response
to these questions, yes, it's possible, even rewarding.

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