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Re: [microsound] underground music from New Zealand?

> likewise, i saw/heard richard play a fantastic show here late last year.
> his old label 20 city seems to be retired these days, but his new one can be
> found here...  http://www.cmr.co.nz

> >>I've been totally blown away by Richard Francis (aka Eso Steel)

> >You have good taste Howard. Richard does fine work. I think he uses just

Well, as long as everyone else is complimenting Richard, I'll add my own

I had the pleasure of hosting him for a Field Effects show and as a
houseguest, and would comment that is live performance was very strong --
one of my personal cherished nights in the series, which also featured Joe
Colley (of Crawl Unit)  -- in a subtle, restrained, way that betrayed a
very nuanced approach to timbre and structure.  And he's a kind and
personable guy to boot.



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