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RE: [microsound] Fwd: [idm] Sign Petition for CBS to run MoveOn.Org TV ad

This is interesting to me... advertising media guidelines are often spelled out. I would be interested in seeing which ads the below campaign wanted to run, why is it that cbs is refusing to run them? Dont get me wrong, I am not in favor of pro-bushness in anyway. But I have worked on ad campaigns before that publications would not run/air because they feared ligigation issues/lawsuits etc or they might contain imagery-words or references that the station did not like, I find this to be a interesting form of censorship, thats why I think it would be intersting see the ads side by side, maybe almost have a site where it shows the ads the white house got to run next to the oppsoing-denyed ads so people could see really what CBS decided to turn down, it would then have a possiblilty of showing the public just exactly where that stands stands politically.

CBS is refusing to air ads created by the Bush in 30
Seconds ad contest and the People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals, even though the White House will
be allowed to run one. As we enter an election year,
it's critical that our media institutions be fair and
open to all speakers. That's why we're telling CBS,
"don't play politics with free speech. If the White
House can run an ad during Super Bowl, other groups
should be allowed to run issue ads as well."

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