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Re: [microsound] maths science and electronic music


On Apr 12, 2005 7:26 AM, derek holzer <derek@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I find this "musical wallpaper" attitude
> to be most associated with pop and club music, where the sound is meant
> as a kind of background environment, and often doesn't really reward a
> deeper listening.

true, there is a lot of that around. 

but your .sig buddy eno [among others, satie most noteworthy] strove
to make 'music for airports' or 'furniture music'. eno was explicit
about the music should be listenable and ignorable. as the legend
goes, satie was upset because people were listening to his furniture
music instead of talking and carrying on among themselves- they
weren't treating the music as furniture.

i think algorithmic music can work very nicely as 'wallpaper'.

> ---Oblique Strategy # 34:
> "Consider different fading systems"

RIAA ...

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