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[microsound] sonymash

I find this interesting that Sony have bought a software tool that
clearly used for mash-ups.  A lot of Sony records artists like Destinys
Child have been the victim of mash-ups, bootlegs, bastard pop or
whatever.  You would think they would be against tools that make the
job easy.  Saying that, there must be reason why a lot of pop singles
come with a cappellas.  Maybe Sony are using ACID as a carrot to lead
donkey bedroom musicians in a direction that benefits the record
industry somehow?

Hmmm.... actually, that's a bit far fetched... maybe?

this is a very interesting point and one worth discussing on the list...I remember reading an essay somewhere recently about this very conundrum, i.e. a publishing company manufacturing the software tools for its own 'subversion' (I use that term loosely)...but then capitalism does just this: 'produces the means to its own demise'

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