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Re: [microsound] building blocks

I agree with David here, as a (wannabe) conservatory dropout myself... the computers for me are a tool towards my own goals of making music, which i was trained to do without any aid from computers at all.

Someone else mentioned this too, how they used "what worked" for what they needed. I often find myself using this approach: with ideas in mind as mental models I try to find the external ways of realizing them.

I think the essence of the discussion is that it's important to emphasize the NON-computer parts of music making as well as the tools, which is what I think is missing in a great deal of electronic music these days.

On Apr 7, 2005, at 12:51 PM, David Powers wrote:

Hi Derek,

I appreciate your perspective greatly. But I might add that I AM a
composer... that's the thing... I've been composing for years already.
Also I've been playing piano and improvising (first jazz, later more
experimental/atonal improv) for 18 years. And some of the pre-packaged
software lets me use the composition knowledge and performance skills I
already have. If I know what I want to achieve as a composer/performer,
and there is a tool already available that lets me achieve it, why not
use it.

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