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Re: [microsound] building blocks

(sidebar question: why did Ableton Live become so wildly popular when Sonic Foundry's ACID had been out for some time before Live was introduced to the market?)

Well, I think this easily answered by the fact that Live was geared towards performance, while Acid was not. Ableton was also blessed with incredible timing when they released Live, and it was a pretty good answer to the growing question of what the emerging laptop masses were going to do on stage. While graphical programming tools like Max/Msp had been around for a while, and suit some very well for live performance, not everyone is so technically inclined, or has the time/desire to sit down and deal with the learning curve of these programs.

Plus, Live is just fun.

I concur with Derek: people really ought to try to break out of the pre-fab, shrink-wrapped software world and try to make their own tools...check out PD (Linux, XP or OS X) or Audio Mulch (XP) if your budget is tight or Max/MSP (OS X, XP) or Reaktor (OS X, XP) if you have some xmas money left over...

The more I think about it, the more I agree with you, though I don't think pre-fab software should be dismissed simply because it's pre-fab. Perhaps I'll dust off my copy of Max/Msp and enlist it's abilities once again.


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