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Re: [microsound] MUTE article on PD + free software


On Apr 7, 2005 12:02 PM, Kevin Ponto <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> However, I have found, in almost every case (there are exceptions),
> that there is a proprietary application that beats the pants off of any
> open source alternatives.

the apache webserver is a notable exception. 

also, i'm not sure what you mean by 'beating the pants off'. for
instance, i would say linux toasts m$ windows on almost any comparison
you'd care to make: stability, configurability, hardware support
[linux loves old hardware- try running xp on a 486 with 16MB memory],
cost, network security.

> Take Firefox for example. I jumped on that bandwagon and hollered from
> the mountaintops just like everyone else, and I install it for every
> willing PC user I come across, but I don't use it. I find the interface
> clunky (though much better than Mozilla) and the user experience
> lacking.

as i'm sure you can recognize, these are purely subjective criteria
['clunky' and 'user experience lacking']. i work as a web developer
and there is no comparison in my book- firefox beats ie across the
board. two words: tabbed browsing

to say nothing of all the places it can take you if you want to go [extensions].

also, as you mention, sometimes open source software requires you to
have a better understanding of what's going on than proprietary
software does. in fact, that's one of the selling points of
proprietary software- it's "easy".

my experience is that it's only easy because you're put in a cell. and
you can only do the things that the cell will let you do. this may be
fine for many people. it doesn't work for me.

and yes, i have had to learn things, read manuals, and think to make
this software work. but i'm happy to trade those off for the ability
to do what i want to do instead of what the cell allows me.

you may like the cell- that's ok. if so, you'd probably like a
different metaphor, but i'm the one writing this note.

finally, an important part of open source is the compact with the
community. this aspect doesn't get much press [except when stallman
shouts about it] because it's much more contained to talk about
processing benchmarks and user interface instead of the whole
community of people involved in it. and once you start talking about
the community you are in a much different space than the capitalist
business model that has framed the issue for many people.

so, while there are valid criticisms about many open source projects,
i don't think you've hit any of them.

as a perl programmer [open source], we always say, "there's more than
one way to do it." so go ahead and pay for all the software you want.
and use it to make the music you want. and i'll do the same with the
open source software i use.

i think we can co-exist? do you?

\js  [ http://or8.net/~johns/ ]

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