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[microsound] MUTE article on PD + free software


'I used a lot of cracked commercial software for a lot of years when doing sound and I always got a couple of feelings out of it. One feeling was that you get these fancy programs with these fancy user interfaces, but at the end the more they have created this environment that's very easy for you to use, the more they've actually determined the kind of work you can make with it. If you look at a program like Ableton Live which is used by probably about eighty percent of people making sound and performing out live these days, it seems like. It's good for a very few things, it's good for working with loops, putting effects on these loops and sequencing them, but it pushes you in one creative direction, it pushes you into making a certain kind of music, really it pushes you towards German techno more than anything else.' Derek Holzer

'I smashed a G4 laptop computer one time.' Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer)


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