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Re: [microsound] closed captioned

Hi David,

Sorry if I sounded snide, it wasn't directed at you, but actually all this slashdotty wiseass banter is the reason I want an announcement list. I like discussion when it's intelligent, but when it just turns into another immature webforum around here, I'd like to be able to check out for a while and just get news. Or, when I am busy with a project, tour, whatever, and just want to keep up to date instead of pulled into an extended conversation. As discussed before, the signal-to-noise ratio on this list gets very bad from time to time, and a string one 20 one-liner posts isn't really what I need in my inbox most of the time.

But yes, of course, announcements spark discussion. Most mature mailing lists I have been on know when something is on-topic or not, and I would expect that announcement-provoked discussions would be taken to the discussion list.


David @ Audiobulb wrote:
I was simply pointing out that the promotion of an event or new music can provoke discussion regarding the technique, aesthetic or theory there involved....

I am wondering if the split is really useful.

I think the split is less about the difference in content of the two lists and more about the perceived need of its recipients. I am thinking that maybe some of the people here are quite self-contained.... working within their own sphere and not feeling the need to look outside of that.... others want to here about what is going on in the world of microsound.

So how many people on the discussion list are NOT going to sign up for the promotion list?... if that is a significanbt proportion ... then maybe the split makes sense. But for me - I will always be interested in both sides.... i like to hear what stasisfield are doing.... i like to hear about techniques and historical perspectives on theory.
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would all of you jokers please go back to slashdot or whatever blog you crawled out of and leave the rest of us alone.


rafael flores wrote:

it is necessary to create a list to discuss whichever lists is necessary to create .

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> what happens if you want to discuss a promotion?
> or promote a discussion?


i say we create two more lists for said topics.

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