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Re: [microsound] Re: outsider artists

I'm not so sure. A while ago I decided to avoid (remove) doing anything that could be interpreted as "avant-garde" (especially by those who think this is a positive term). Anything else goes and I am currently trying to be as conservative and as do-re-mi (as per the infamous Schaeffer interview) as I can.

If nothing else it is great fun ;=)

I started thinking a bit like Jorge a few months ago - with the idea that the current avant-garde is pretty mainstream and, most of all, just boring.

Before this I worked with 60's technology for a while. Tape and oscillators. But while I still remembered how to cut-and-edit tape with reasonable efficiency I found it a bit time-consuming. Still it was nice to work outside the visual limitations imposed by a computer- screen and an indirect interface.

/Jan L.

28 maj 2005 kl. 10.56 skrev Exegene:

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Jorge Blank wrote:


I suggest that rather than try and be different,
artists try to do something normal, whatever that is
for them.  Or try and do what is normal for someone
else.  Unless your technique is amazing, it probably
wont work out.  Whatever you choose you are left with
something incredibly yours, whether or not you like it
is another question.


i would suggest that the artist simply create what is, or will be once created. Inserting matters of normalcy and difference into an an internal debate on artistic validity and creative satisfaction, that is, into a process where normalcy and difference don't arise naturally is including elements that don't belong. Art's motivation and goal become corrupted, and is prevented from reaching its penultimate point when it burdens under the yoke of unvirtuous masters.

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