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[microsound] Re: outsider artists

at this point it seems like most honest creative
activity that truly extends itself in concept or media
would have more in common with these ideas of
"outsider" artists than with the self conscious
contradiction that the title "avant-garde" artist
implies now.  In other words, it is a difference
between (outsider) independant research and
development of a unique personal voice versus a
contrived attempt to fulfill a precieved set of
criteria through which one hopes respect from some
(avant- garde) peers, publications or record labels
will be the result.

the part I find totally incredible is how so many
artists don't seem to see the contradiction between
the idea of "avant-garde" and trying identify with
this through imitation of models.

I suggest that rather than try and be different,
artists try to do something normal, whatever that is
for them.  Or try and do what is normal for someone
else.  Unless your technique is amazing, it probably
wont work out.  Whatever you choose you are left with
something incredibly yours, whether or not you like it
is another question.


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