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Re: [microsound] ***announcement posts***

Kim Cascone hat gesagt: // Kim Cascone wrote:

> I am sorry but my patience threshold has been crossed...everyone has 
> had MORE than enough time to suss out where and how to post 
> announcements to the community.

This is a quote from the microsound.org-homepage:

  "announcements regarding new releases, performances, tours, and so
  forth pertinent to the list's scope will be tolerated in brief, and by
  subscribers whose contributions otherwise exceed postings of this

There is no mentioning of the announce-mailinglist on ms.org as far as
I could see doing a short walkthrough and search of the wiki. Clicking
on "list archive" will only lead me to the archive of this list, also
no sign of a second list for announcements. 

A third suggestion from me would be to add an announcement of the
announcement list to this list's signature. It's not good if people
get banned just because they are new subscribers and don't know, that
announcements are forbidden here since last month. How could they
know? Personally I think, this would even be rude as long as the
homework mentioned above isn't done.

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